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The Swiss Watchmaking company AUGUSTE REYMOND unveils its new UNITY DAY & NIGHT collection.

Connecting the earthly and the heavenly, simplicity and complexity, the UNITY collection stands out with its resolutely innovative case architecture. Consisting of a middel part housing the automatic movement, its case is accompanied by two screwed elements forming the horns, as well as a caseback with a sapphire glass. Inspired by the Sacred Geometry system, the UNITY case is harmoniously designed with alternating brushed and polished finishes. The effects of the hollows in its horns and its profile imbue it with an unprecedented energy.

This automatic timepiece boasts two complications: a day-night indication and a moonphase display. Both discs were designed and manufactured exclusively for the model UNITY DAY & NIGHT. In this model’s third function, the date is displayed in an aperture located at three o’clock.

UNITY DAY & NIGHT watch calls to mind the ancient measuring instruments and astrolabes so indispensable to the explorers of bygone times. On the dial, the fine metal rings, the styling of the markers, the compass-inspired hands and the second hand adorned with the Auguste Reymond emblem constitute a symphonic invitation to venture out anew into the conquest of time.

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Auguste-Reymond-Unity-Day-Night AR.UN.13A.001.104.201
Auguste-Reymond-Unity-Day-Night AR.UN.13A.001.103.301
Auguste-Reymond-Unity-Day-Night AR.UN.13A.002.104.201
Auguste-Reymond-Unity-Day-Night AR.UN.13A.002.103.301
Auguste-Reymond-Unity-Day-Night AR.UN.13A.002.104.201 PR
Auguste-Reymond-Unity-Day-Night AR.UN.13A.002.104.201 CloseUp1
Auguste-Reymond-Unity-Day-Night AR.UN.13A.001.103.301 CloseUp2
Auguste-Reymond-Unity-Day-Night AR.UN.13A.001.103.301 CloseUp3
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Unity Day Night technical specifications
Unity Day Night specifications techniques
Unity Day Night technische Daten

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