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Moon and luminescent carbon watch

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ORIGIN LUNAR watch: Fascination for the moon and secret of luminescent carbon…

Mysterious and mystical, the moon has always been the object of dreams throughout time and history. Today, more coveted than ever, it is becoming the centre of attention of the scientific world.

Auguste Reymond echoes current events by unveiling this year a timepiece on the theme of the moon. This ORIGIN LUNAR watch, stands out first and foremost for its mechanical movement, whose plate and bridges are coated with a fascinating moon texture.

It is at nightfall that ORIGIN LUNAR reveals its secret: its carbon-fused bezel with Superluminova offers a luminescent and mystical decor. In tune with the bezel, the hands, inspired by measuring instruments, light up. So that your Time does not fall into oblivion …




ORIGIN LUNAR : Mechanical hand-wound watch with lunar texture decoration, steel case 44 mm in diameter, with luminescent carbon bezel.

Discover more about our ORIGIN LUNAR, moon and luminescent carbon watch.

Origin Unitas Lunar

Origin Unitas Lunar
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